Pune - The City of Dreams.Choose Green. Choose Pune.Buying a home is an important investment.Why Choose Us?Focussed Efforts.Efficient Service.

Pune - The City of Dreams.

Choose Green. Choose Pune.

A mention of Koregaon Park brings to the mind the co-existance of nature and modernity as this part of the city has made conscious effort to maintain a green spread, and living in this area is like a dream come true. It is where Pune’s landmarks like the Osho commune , the German Bakery and ABC Farms to name a few.

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Buying a home is an important investment.

Why Choose Us?

Big Properties Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of real estate since 2005 and over the years we have been involved in the sale, lease and consultation with properties spanning over 900,000 sq.ft. Interaction with our team is quick and easy. Right from property viewing to real-time critical information on the go.

Focussed Efforts.

Efficient Service.

With our efficient service and support of our partners we continue to focus our efforts to make the process of Indian property transactions more conducive, transparent and stress-free.

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